Death to Papyrus

Posted 14 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Papyrus font being deleted forever
There is no font that I hate more than Papyrus. So, I'm deleting it from my computers. Forever. If a client shows up with anything in Papyrus, it better be hand-drawn on real papyrus because my computer is not going to interpret it. If they insist on using Papyrus, well, they're probably not our kind of client.


Susan ~ 14 years ago

I'm not offended by the font, although it is abused by certain groups like seaside souvenir shops, Episcopalians, and Yanni.

I would also like to take this opportunity to formally acknowledge my near year-long love affair with Trebuchet. It makes Tahoma look soooo 1998.

Susan ~ 14 years ago

P.S. - (!)

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

Generally people who use Comic Sans are (at least I'd like to think) in on the joke. Papyrus is too often used as if it were a seriously good typeface. Maybe I just have something against souvenir shops, Episcopalians, and Yanni? But I'd also have to include used book stores, Herbal medicine boutiques, massage therapists, rinky-dink cafes, and anything to be perceived as "natural" like soaps or tea leaves.

Jim F. ~ 14 years ago

I'll add Curlz MT and Zapfino. Collegiate and sorority shirts around campus (___, best in the world!!) scarred me from ever considering using Curlz...not that I'd really ever use it anyway. Zapfino not so much an overuse issue (though that could be argued), but the ascenders and descenders are a big pain to deal with.

olivier ~ 14 years ago

I hacked comic sans into a hundred pieces and fed them to my fish.

Lord ~ 14 years ago

I propose that the only font anybody should be legally allowed to use is Old English Text MT and that we would have to start spelling words old style so that old would become olde so actually the legal font would probably be called Ye Olde English Text MT. Failure to use this font would be considered an act of witchcraft

olivier blanchard ~ 14 years ago

aeroplanes reads a lot cooler than airplanes.

Lord = genius.

exarch ~ 14 years ago

You know, I haven't had any of those fonts since I've been working on a computer without Photoshop. Not even "Old English Text".

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