Difficulty vs Deliciousness Amongst Common Fruits

Posted 13 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Grapefruit fails.


Lord ~ 13 years ago

I love this chart but it saddens me because in all honesty I am quite a fan of the grapefruit. yes it is a bit difficult but I find the flavor scrumptious, especially if adding a little sugar.

Evan Tishuk ~ 13 years ago

I think raspberries (or similarly black/boisen) have to be near the level of seedless grapes and quite possibly above.

Also, where are the cranberries? They'd have to be the most difficult. Seriously, you have to flood your fields and manually scoop cranberries out with a toothed extracter contraption just to harvest a sour-tasting berry that is really only usable as an ingredient in juice or sauce for Thanksgiving meals. And let's be honest, the craisins (dried cranberries) that have cherry flavor infused in them are WAY better.

Chris ~ 13 years ago

This is a timely post, as I was introduced to the clementine this weekend. All the flavor of mandarin oranges but in a super convenient, highly portable and easy-to-peel form.

By my calculations, clementines should appear somewhere in the vicinity of strawberries, blueberries and seedless grapes.

In summation: clementines ftw.

(Agreed on raspberries, save for the picking part with the thorns and all.)

olivier Blanchard ~ 13 years ago

The clementine should be very top-right, while it's evil twin the tangerine should be way down in the bottom left quadrant.

Peaches should always be in the bottom-left quadrant:

  1. Peaches always make a mess.
  2. Unlike plums, peaches cannot be dried very well.
  3. The peach pit is huge and difficult to manage.
  4. The peach pit looks like a shriveled scrotum.
  5. Skin or no skin? I never know if I should peel the damn things or not.

The grapefruit, however, is easy: Cut in half, pour sugar, spoon. Voila.

This graph is wrong.

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