Disney Creates a Yeti-themed Adventure

Posted 12 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Disney opens a Yeti-themed amusement adventure. "Get ready for a ride of your life, plus some surprising educational opportunities to learn more about the Yeti or Abominable Snowmen." (ht: Boing Boing)


nobrainer ~ 12 years ago

You should really open up the comments for many more of the Yeti-Flavored links.

Evan Tishuk ~ 12 years ago

Help me create a protocol for what links should get comments. It's a tough call. We don't want all posts to have comments, but then where do we draw the line?

Maybe leave comments on ALL links for a certain number of days to reward the quick readers?

nobrainer ~ 12 years ago

Hmm, I'm not really sure why you didn't allow links to everything to start with. What's your motive?

Evan Tishuk ~ 12 years ago

Allowing comments on ALL posts tends to produce comments for the sake of commenting. i.e. the less it's allowed the better the comment quality.

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