Posted February 11, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

I shouldn't laugh at this picture.


Bobby ~ February 13, 2006

It looks like the corner got her right in the eye. Hitting your head is one thing, but getting a corner full of diving board in the eye is like....getting a corner full of diving board in the eye.

Pretty lame attempt ( I know ), but I tried referencing football in the groin by Hans Moleman.
"Barney's movie had heart, but Football in the Groin had a football in the groin."

Adam Gautsch ~ February 13, 2006

Worst Simpsons Reference Ever.

Evan Tishuk ~ February 13, 2006

I agree. Bobby, you're slipping.

Bobby ~ February 14, 2006

At least I admitted it before anyone else said anything.

Maybe I am slipping...No Beer and No TV make Bobby something something

Even worse I know

ihatetrucks ~ February 15, 2006

Would someone please release the dogs or Bees, or dogs with bees in their mouthes and when they bark they shoot bees at Booby. Or better yet, release a robotic richard simmons

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