Donald Duck Files His Taxes

Posted 5 years ago by Adam Gautsch

In Planet Money's most recent podcast, they introduce us to one of the most amazing videos ever. It's a Walt Disney and United States government joint encouraging people to file their income taxes. The first couple of minutes is a fun Daffy Duck cartoon. If that was all it was it would be worth your time. However, the second half is a crazy propaganda film that talks about all the guns and boats the US needs to build. All the while repeating a variation on the phrase "Taxes to bury the Axis". It's an amazing piece piece of history on how the income tax became a permanent part of the US system (listen to the podcast for more on that) and how World War II was sold to the citizens. Watch it early and watch it often. Then try to imagine a single unifying thing that could get the modern United States citizenry to all want to pay taxes. What's the 2012 equivalent to "Taxes to bury the Axis"?

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