Double doors revenge

Posted January 12, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

Two doors, which one's locked

I'm not usually very aloof, but certain things I take for granted--like properly functioning doorways. This is especially true for businesses that rely on customers to actually walk into the establishment. Nothing irritates me more than visiting a restaurant that has a double door entrance with one door locked.

Sounds crazy huh? Not so! It happens to me ALL THE TIME. I can't even count how many times I've walked into a locked door while the other one mocks me.

Besides making me look stupid, being bad for business, and not making any god damned sense, isn't that a fire hazard? There doesn't appear to be a pattern, for sometimes the left door is locked and sometimes the right. It's gotten to the point now that I am paranoid of double doors. I apprehensively test them like hot frying pan handles before moving forward.

Would someone who's worked in a restaurant or movie theatre please give me an insight into why this practice is so prevalent? Does the staff just get a kick out of it or is there a legitimate reason?


Susan ~ June 30, 2006

Thwarting robbers...that makes some sense to me. Or maybe I just wanted to use the word "thwart".

You mentioned restaurants as an example, but I immediately thought of 24-hr convenience stores that lock one side after dark. I think they even alternate what doors they lock because damn if it isn't a different side each time I go.

nobrainer ~ January 12, 2006

It's probably not a fire hazard because people running out can push the inside handle and escape.

It is also good for the people who are trying to run inside the building when it is on fire.

Seriously though I know of which you speak and hate it like I hate the clap. And I'm a man who hates the clap.

I'll also add that I hate a fair number of the auto-assist-handi-doors. Why are they so difficult to open if I don't use the switch/button?

olivier blanchard ~ January 13, 2006

If they aren't automatic doors, I don't even bother going in anymore. (Having to push or pull stuff open is so, like, 2002.)

Bobby ~ January 13, 2006

I think it may have something to do with saving money on heat and a/c, but I really don't know. Having one side of a double door locked is about as useful as boobs on a whore.

Evan Tishuk ~ January 13, 2006

To clarify, this isn't just a push-bar movie theatre type of door I'm talking about here. This epidemic strikes regular wood and brass doors across the country.

olivier blanchard ~ January 13, 2006

Not to mention that you absolutely cannot make a true rock & roll entrance anywhere unless BOTH doors can be flung open a la Viggo.

Brandon ~ January 13, 2006

This is how to open a door

C-Town ~ January 14, 2006

I think it is usually the right door (as you are leaving the building) that is locked. I think it is a defense tactic against potential robbers. As they try to run through the doorway at full speed w/ the money or goods in hand, they get slowed down or maybe even knocked out by the locked door.

Evan Tishuk ~ January 15, 2006

Interesting. Is that from your days as a server or just a guess?

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