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Posted 16 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Power Glass Photo

XsunX is making glass that generates electricity:

XsunX, Inc. is developing Power Glass™ – an innovative thin film solar energy technology that allows glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun...XsunX believes that Power Glass™ technology can provide an ideal solution for the wide scale integration of real energy producing products into living and working environments – all without causing disruptive and costly changes to lifestyles.

I want some of that. I wonder if they'd trade out a new website for some Power Glass?


nobrainer ~ 16 years ago

This certainly sounds interesting. I read a bit about the product on their website. It operates at 1/2 the efficiency of a typical solar cell, but costs 1/4 as much.

Actually it sounded less like the glass wasn't at all involved in the process. Instead their product is a mostly clear, thin-film solar cell.

I wonder if it becomes counter productive though. Judging from that picture, it blocks out a lot of sunlight, which isn't a bad thing. But would it block out so much that people in the office are going to turn on an extra light or two? Or in the winter will enough heat from the sun be blocked to raise heating bills?

If it's really just a thin film, can you apply it to your total office building -- concrete and aluminum and such? Could it even serve as a protective layer preventing oxidation and fading and whanot? I could see this being useful on cars and car windows -- gaining a little extra juice for maybe a backup battery for when the main one goes dead, or the batteries in a hybrid.

And can they go ahead and pay me as a consultant?

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

this photo looks comparable to other office windows I've seen--though a bit dingy.

Good points. Especially regarding the possible gains being offset by the usage of electric lights if the windows are too dark.

It would be a "nobrainer" if they could turn it into a cheap protective file that could go over structural elements too. Now they'd be saving money in two places.

Do they make solar blinds and shutters? That seems like a way to get higer efficiency over the same surface area. Plus it would be a simple install.

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