Posted January 01, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

The beauty of the internet is that if you wait a couple of days a rant that you wanted to write will be written by someone else. Then, all you have to do is link to that article instead of writing one yourself. Thank you Slate for writing an article about the dumbest ESPN segment since the mock GM press conferences. If you haven't seen them yet, ESPN is running hypothetical match ups between this years Southern Cal team (a team that hasn't even won the National Championship yet!) and great championship teams of the past 50 years. Their conclusion- USC would win them all- or at least most of them.

For the record- the 1995 Cornhuskers team would not only have beaten the 2005 Trojans- they might have killed Matt Leinart and seriously injured Reggie Bush.


Sparky ~ February 07, 2006

Yeah there is no way in hell that the 2005 USC Trojans, supposively the best college football team ever that never won a National Championship, would even be able to play with the 1995 Cornhuskers, or even the 1971 Cornhuskers. My high-school football team this year could have beaten them damn Trojans. The Trojans should have lost atleast two regular season games, Notre Dame and Arizona State.USC should have never beaten Notre Dame, thus never even been considered to be in the championship game. That was the biggest stroke of luck ive seen. Well hearin about all this bull-shit is starting to get to me. I gotta go take a shit.

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