Expensive Whiskey's

Posted 15 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Is $38,000 a lot for a single bottle of whiskey?


Bobby ~ 15 years ago

That is just stupid. No wonder wall to wall coverage of Paris Hilton is on every channel. There is no alcohol worth that is worth that much money, but the public is fascinated by it. The man who bought it should be smacked. The more I think I about it, the angrier I get. Not only I am I mad that someone paid that much, but the fact that some store actually put a price tag on a bottle for that much money. What were they thinking???? "Well, it's really good stuff, let's charge $38,000. Sounds about right..."

Adam Gautsch ~ 15 years ago

I'm counting Bobby as one who believes that $38,000.00 is too much for a bottle of whiskey.

Brian Bunton ~ 15 years ago

Hey, Bobby, calm down, brother. Here, have a shot.

(That'll be $2,000.)

Candice ~ 15 years ago

Getting drunk costs $5. A $35,000 bottle of whiskey had better get me permanently trashed.

Susan ~ 15 years ago

I agree with Candice. Not only permanently trashed, but a special kind of magical permanence that comes with the ability to sober up when necessary.

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