Family Guy meets Mortal Kombat

Posted 16 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Family Guy and Mortal Kombat

Here we have well-edited Family Guy fight scenes set to the Mortal Kombat theme music (3:22 min. Google Video). The black and white Dick Van Dyke sequence is my personal favorite. This also demonstrates another reason why I like Family Guy more than the Simpsons--because if this was done with Homer and the gang, Fox would likely file a law suit.


Adam Gautsch ~ 16 years ago


Bobby ~ 16 years ago

That's a good reason to like Family Guy more....NOT. I really get aggitated when people say they don't like The Simpsons anymore because "they're not as good as they used to be....blah." What everyone fails to realize is that The Simpsons have provided us with countless hours of hilarity. You can't throw that out the window for a couple sub-par seasons.
I was watching the episode when Lisa and Bart play hockey last week with a friend who isn't into much TV. I found myself saying, "Watch this next part, it's great" like 50 times. Both of us were cracking up (even though I've seen it 382 times).
I really like the Family Guy, but you can never forget or mock your first love. The Simpsons rule and I don't think the new episodes are as bad as everyone thinks. Did anyone see the new episode a couple weeks ago where they took a blatant shot at both Family Guy and American Dad? It was hilarious and unexpected.
My only beef with The Simpsons lately is that they are messing up some of the continuity. It's weird how I can notice something wrong but the writers can't. I just put it behind me and wait for BumbleBee Man to get hit with a hammer or something.

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

Simpson started downhill right around the time FOX started getting overly litigious. Coincidence?

You have to take into account the whole breadth of work. And the Simpsons is certainly diluted with some serious duds. If we keep giving The Simpsons a free pass, they'll become the George Lucas of cartoons; they'll ride on past successes and churn out subpar product (see: all new Star Wars). Wait, The Simpson is already doing that. Oh, and it's no surprise that Lucas is equally as litigious as FOX.

I don't care what you say, Family Guy is higher quality. If The Simpsons is beer, Family Guy is Jack Daniels. I still like beer and will happily enjoy it, but if I'm looking for a buzz, I think I'm going straight to the Jack.

Bobby ~ 16 years ago

Revenge of the Sith was good. Phantom Menace was basically a Lisa-based episode (excluding the hockey episode).

You have to take into account the number of episodes The Simpsons have produced. Of course some are going to be some duds ("kinda of like you Poindexter").

The Simpsons aren't getting a free ride. They're are still funny episodes. I think it's most due to the build up of so many characters, but regardless, it's worth watching.

If The Family Guy is still cracking me up in 15 years after 400 episodes, we'll talk. But for now, they can't be compared. Like I said earlier, I'm a huge Family Guy fan, but to rank it higher than The Simpsons is a little crazy. Some of Peter's flashbacks are hysterical, but they don't work like, "You don't win friends with salad," or "Disco Stu doesn't advertise."

ihatetrucks ~ 16 years ago

One way you will see the test of times for the two shows will be how long we are quoting them. I really can't imagine a time when saying "Oooh, I bent my wookie" or "You don't win friends with salad". Family guy is funny when you see it but it then you forget about it. The Simpsons is funny while you watch and for days later as you think about the show and start over using your favorite quote from the previous episode. I got to go, my Kalico 2000 is rusting up.

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