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Posted 13 years ago by Jim Ciallella

A discussion of favorite sandwiches in Greenville, starting with the Hot Ham and Brie at Coffee Underground on Coffee Street.

A discussion of favorite sandwiches in Greenville, starting with the Hot Ham and Brie at Coffee Underground on Coffee Street.As mentioned on Twitter, the Coffee Underground just did an awesome job on the Hot Ham and Brie.

I get this sandwich pretty much every time I come for lunch. When they make it to today's standards it's the "hotness". More times than not it's a Lukewarm Ham and Brie and the cheese doesn't melt and the ham is cool. I think the big difference is the "Hot". FYI, it's also the cheapest sandwich on the menu.

I know Evan raves about "The Joseph" (Lingonberries and Swedish Meatballs) at Paris Cafe.

I tend to not venture out much once I find a good sandwich. Though, I'm interested to know your favorite local sandwich.


Madeleine Muska ~ 13 years ago

As a sandwich snob and sampler of a good deal of sandwiches in Greenville, I have quite a few favorites.

Coffee Underground. Their best sandwich is usually a toss between the hummus wrap and the ham and brie. Some days a hand full of veggies accented with a generous helping of hummus is good enough to crave in one's sleep. Although, on a chillier day the hot ham and gooey brie can really melt one's insides with taste bud pleasure.

Paris Cafe. The Joseph plays great competition with their Main Street sandwich with smoked salmon and capers. Generally, any sandwich from the Paris Cafe is going to be phenomenal. They also offer a variety of sides: mixed green salad, pasta salad, and potato salad.

As for another Greenville original sandwich designer, the Bohemian's BLT with avocado is quite fantastic. The fullness of avocado blends with the salty bacon to a perfect combination and is well worth the good fat bad fat battle (also the cheapest item on their brunch menu).

On that note, there's got to be more great sandwiches out there. I think OrangeCoat just found a new mission.

Jim F. ~ 13 years ago

Not the healthiest choice, but I'm a fan of the occasional Monte Cristo at Stax Omega.

Lord ~ 13 years ago

The Palmetto Bean at the library makes a great sandwich called a "Midnight." It is sliced ham and turkey, swiss cheese, sliced pickles, and some Russian (or 1000 Island)dressing all toasted. I personally prefer it on wheat bread though Scott will make it on any of the breads he has available. It is yummy in the tummy and especially good with a hot cup of Scott's wonderful soups and some fresh coffee. I tend to get this about once a week.

Adam Gautsch ~ 13 years ago

Ohh the definition of a sandwich is a slippery, slippery slope. Does a bbq sandwich count?

I think I might have to go with either the el cubano or Supreme BLT at the Bohemian. The Supreme BLT includes fried egg and avocado and it is really tough to beat.

Lord ~ 13 years ago

Agreed! Does a wrap actually count as a sandwich? How about a burger? How did the Earl of Sandwich design his namesake foodstuff? There should be a degree entitled MSS for Masters in Sandwich Sciences. Those individuals could debate the deep questions of the physical nature of sandwiches and whether or not it is possible to truly mess up a pb&j sandwich.

dave ~ 13 years ago

Chilli Cheese a Plenty Please.


Adam Gautsch ~ 13 years ago

By only the broadest of definitions is a burger with chili and cheese and topped with fries and onion rings considered a sandwich.

olivier blanchard ~ 13 years ago

You guys are dropping the ball by not mentioning any sandwiches from Saffron's. The Govie is pretty excellent. Their veggie wrap is also very delicious.

Still though, the best sammich in the 29601 is by far Liberty Tap Room's Tuna steak burger: A brick of sashimi-grade tuna (seared for about twelve seconds just to give it a hint of grill flavor) brushed with an unctuous wasabe mayonnaise, sitting on a bed of lettuce and lovingly sliced tomatoes. In-cre-di-ble.

Jim Ciallella ~ 13 years ago

CU's menu specifies "Wrap Sandwiches", so I will accept Madeleine's answer.

I second The Bohemian's (el cubano). Chicora Alley has a wicked $7 Bert's Famous Grilled Cheese on a pressed cuban bread and loaded with colby, queso blanco and goat cheese.

Bear, you're the BBQ expert, but I think about anything with sandwich in the name should qualify.

Olivier, I didn't know of the Saffron Sidewalk Cafe on the West End. Thanks for the heads-up. The tuna sounds like dinner.

Never tried Palmetto Bean or Stax. Lord, we should do lunch there sometime next week. You're management now, so send out a meeting request.

Jim F, I'm not sure we've met, but I'd be up for trying Stax sometime.

Dave, I think you're talking about The Beacon. The place scares Bear. That scares me a lot.

Jim Ciallella ~ 13 years ago

In keeping with the theme of food and web, here are some observations from browsing the aforementioned cafes and restaurants.

I found the next topic for my WWYSYDH segment of posts. Namely, using basic Apache rewrite rules to hide .htm, .html, .php from the end of page addresses. There's no big SEO advantage, but it's cleaner and code unspecific.

Basic sites would only need one rule to handle 301 redirects of old addresses to new ones. Plus, another rule to strip off the file extension. For instance, /menu instead of /menu.html

Lord, you might want to check if Palmetto Bean knows their SSL certificate expired in July.

Vance ~ 13 years ago

If you are looking for a good lunch for a cheap price go to Manna Deli at the Liberty Square building off of Bettie Pl. in downtown. You can get a hearty sandwich with chips and drink for $5, all made right when you order. They also have huge salads with a drink for $5. Its a great place to go if you are on a budget.

Vance ~ 13 years ago

Correction, it went up to $6. Sorry but still a good deal

Jim Ciallella ~ 13 years ago

I checked out Saffron today for lunch with the folks over at Immedion. Rebecca recommended the Drunken Pastrami and it was tasty and fairly priced at $6.50.

At the intersection of Augusta and South Main I asked a guy on and bike if he knew where Saffron was at and his response was "I know it's around here somewhere". Well "somewhere" is directly under and behind Smoke on the Water.

Jim Ciallella ~ 13 years ago

Horray, Downtown Greenville's wireless works on the patio of Saffron.

+5 for Saffron - A simple equation for cafes in Greenville. Working Wireless = More Business Customers

+1/2 for Downtown Wireless, since this is the only place I've found in the last two years where it actually gets a solid signal.

I tried "The Govie". Not the most impressive looking thing when it comes out in an empty basket of a Keiser roll and a pickel. Maybe the problem is I'm too cheap to pay $1.50 for a signature side to fill up the basket. Meat wasn't exactly overflowing the roll, but it didn't disappoint. A fair sandwich for the $6.50 price.

Jim Ciallella ~ 13 years ago

I made a trip to the Rising Roll this afternoon. I thought I'd update the blog as such.

The staff was very friendly and immediately shouted 'good choice' in harmony when I placed my order for a Spicy Cuban.

The plate came out looking a little empty with only the sandwich, a tiny side of potato salad and a pickel, since I didn't upgrade. You can get more food at other joints for the relatively high $9+ price tag, but it turned out to be enough food for me.

I imagine the Downtown Greenville wireless works inside, but I ended up eating lunch with a couple guys from Kudzu and didn't break out the laptop.

I'd suggest checking it out if you haven't already.

I might add that their website uses tables and is poorly SEO'd. I know at least one web design shop in town who could help with such things.

Madeleine Muska ~ 13 years ago

I had the falafel and hummus sandwich not too long ago from the Pita House. It was recommended to me and absolutely delicious.

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