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Posted April 23, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

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JetWing – patented technology allows for last resort “dropping” of airliner fuel tanks before a crash landing in order to eliminate the fire hazard upon impact.

A community-shared workplace for mobile workers that promotes collaboration and encourages new business opportunities. The cafe-like venue is an alternative to the social isolation of working from home, or at the ill-equipped coffee shop and is outfitted with all of the necessities that professionals need (reliable wi-fi, all-in-one printers, meeting space, a physical address, etc.). Space can be reserved for hours, days, weeks or months at a time.

Beer StockXchange Bar
A Beer Bar whose inventory system is integrated with the register so every 5 minutes the price of every beer fluctuates depending upon the quantity sold. The constantly fluctuating prices would be projected onto several plasma/LCD screens and patrons would be allowed to purchase their selection via touch screen interface.

Interactive Street Advertising
Interactive advertisement for projection on sidewalks or rear-projected store advertisements. The system would interact with people walking along the street to draw attention to products or sales at each specific location. Eventually this technology would be integrated into GPS Bluetooth phones so that people walking by could choose to receive a coupon or discount at the participating store

Identity Central
Identity Central would enable all types of organizations and groups to upload their logos and other images to a centralized computer system allowing cost-effective customized merchandise to be purchased on demand.

Capsule Hotel
The Capsule Hotel is a small space for sleeping, which, combined with a nearby garage, would provide students near a University campus parking their cars and napping space during a long break between classes. Restaurants and a gym or spa could also be incorporated into the hotel.The idea models hotels already operating in Japan:

17 South Seafood
17 South Seafood LLC will be a vertically integrated buyer, distributer, wholesaler and retailer of fresh seafood products from the South Carolina coast. It will circumvent the conventional seafood industry channels and source local products directly from fishermen, shrimpers and aquaculturists for sale to consumers, restaurants and 17 South retail stores.

Bark After Dark
Bark After Dark is a member-based, indoor and climate-controlled dog walking facility for owners to walk their dogs.

Aquatic Muscle
Aquatic Muscle is a swimming body suit with five interchangeable levels of buoyancy, designed for children, to teach them how to swim at their own pace.

String Lights Installation Tool
The string lights installation tool will knit string and rope type lights onto objects with a fixture tool, eliminating the wrapping effort of installing string and rope type lights onto objects for decorative lighting purposes.

Light Zipper
The Light Zipper knits string and rope-type lights onto objects (trees, columns, railing, etc.) with a simple-to-use tool, thus eliminating the tedious wrapping effort of the traditional way of installing string and rope-type lights onto objects for decorative lighting purposes. When removing the lights, a simple pull of the fixture and the lights fall from the object, ready to be stored for future use.

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nobrainer ~ April 23, 2007

The Beer StockXchange Bar idea really bothers me. It's not much of an exchange because there's a single seller. Other than that, the best I can do as a buyer is to buy cheap, which means I'll spend half the night studying the boards. That's not exactly what I want to be doing on a night out.

Michael Allen ~ April 23, 2007

Spark! would be a really cool idea. I cant tell you how many times i've gone to Coffee Underground to work, only to find that there are no available power outlets. Infuriating indeed.

Susan ~ April 23, 2007

Wow--I just voted, and either I'm oblivious to the existing void of training trunks or Aquatic Muscle has some serious online friends. 170 of 298 votes thus far. Is this vote the actual means for determining a winner?

dave ~ April 23, 2007

I really like the Beer StockXchange, dynamic pricing of beer is a different approach. Kind of reminds me of Beef O Brady's in Simpsonville that has TV's at each booth. It'd be a quick way to get a waiter/waitress to your table without having to hunt him or her down.

emergingme ~ April 25, 2007

seafood is winning! what the heck. spark! is clearly the most legitimate entry... but i'm biased. ;)

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