Eckerd-Girl: You Made the List Twice

Posted 12 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Anybody under 35 who pays for items at a grocery / gas station / drug store with a check makes the list.

Anyone who gets mad at me when I point out that they make check cards now while I'm waiting for her $4.32 check to clear makes the list twice.

Congratulations college girl at Eckerd. You are the first two-time lister.


jimmy ~ 13 years ago

I understand why she makes the list for the first reason but god you are an asshole. If you pointed that out to me, I would have punched you.

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

First off, I was just trying to inform the girl. Maybe she didn’t know. Second, being called an asshole by Jimmy is like being called a murder by OJ or a steriod user by Barry Bonds.

Evan Tishuk ~ 9 years ago

Hopefully Stuart will come on here and recite some classic Jerry Seinfeld lines about chicks and checks.

jimmy ~ 13 years ago

Yeah and maybe her bank makes her pay for a check card, or maybe she feels more secure using checks. I would say that to a friend but not to a random chick. The funny thing is I bet she went home and told all of her friends about this random guy in Eckerd’s who made her “list”

Men, outside of bills, we write like three checks a month. Women on the other hand, that thing comes out of a holster... I think Bear just needs some more Jerry in his life and he will understand so much more. The zen of the chicks and the checks.

Adam Gautsch ~ 13 years ago

I refuse to be in the wrong on this one. If her bank makes her pay for a check card, get a new bank. If she feels more secure using checks she is crazy as you can steal all the same information from a check as you can check card (if not more). Me pointing this out to her is a service to mankind not an asshole move.

jimmy ~ 13 years ago

First off, do you really think she has never heard of a checkcard? VISA (and various banks / lending institutions) have more ads than I can shake a stick at. I know Clemson is a little backwoods, but you make it seem like you actually believe she had NO clue as to the existence of a check card.

I think the thing is that you pointed something out to her that she probably already knew. I don’t dispute that her having fears about check cards or preferences to using checks is idiotic. Regardless of whatever her reasons are for using checks, she wants to use them. they may be moronic but those are her feelings and they aren’t going to change because you told her that checkcards exist. For example, I rarely carry cash. I charge everything whither it be 85 cents or 300 dollars. I don’t like to carry cash. Now if I was using my credit card to pay for a 50 cent stick of gum. I wouldn’t appreciate someone telling me that there is this thing called cash that exists. First, I probably already know that it exists and even if I don’t, who does this guy think he is to tell me how to live my damn life.

Brian ~ 13 years ago

Preach on Jimmy, I could not agree more with you. If she wants to write a check, then by God let her write a check, if you are in such a hurry you should have volunteered to cover her $4.32. There are many reason she may not have had a check card or cash and you being an jerk about it and making a ordeal out if it is not going to change that fact of life. To argue that a credit card or check card of all things is that much faster than a check is a crap shoot anyway.

My two cents of carrying cash, I personally only carry enough cash on me at any given time to cover a number 7 value meal at Taco Bell, other wise it is credit card time. Plus, I don’t care how much cash I have on me and how little my purchase is, I am going to use a credit card if they will take it because who knows if i will need every penny i have on me at some other time.

Evan Tishuk ~ 13 years ago

Brian. To hear that understandingness come from you sickens me. You are stricken from the record.

Adam Gautsch ~ 13 years ago

I understand in the past I’ve been a little bastardish to some people for no good or real important reason, but I’m trying to be better about that “I’m trying Ringo. I’m trying real hard.”

First, I only know of one person who still pays with cash, Chip, everyone else uses a check card and this really isn’t what the arguement is about. But that being said, if a Chip type person called me out for buying a Dr. Pepper with a check card I would understand where he is coming from and say, “I’m sorry, you are right, it is poor form not to have at least $.79 on me.” I certainly would not get mad because I’m in the wrong.

She had the right to pay with a check and I had the right to say something about it.

Now, subject number two. I honestly don’t who Brian has become. I had to check the email address to see who it was. I thought it was just a random Brian off the street because all the Brian’s I know would never defend this woman. You might as well sign your post Drew and join the democratic party.

Brian ~ 13 years ago

I am sorry to disappoint you all, I am not sure what has come over me but I have a sneaky suspension of what is changing me. I would like to think that even in the hay day of my bastardishness that I would defend her right to use a check. I think she had to right to kick you square in the junk too but that is another rant for another day.

By the way, if i was a democrat i would have to kick my own ass and quit my bomb building job. i think of democrats the same way i think of my dog, I don’t fully trust them because they might take something that is mine, i know they are full of crap and are just waiting to piss on my new rug.

Ps. the sad thing about not being Brian is I don’t get Mexican food very often, i think it was what fueled my ways.

Evan Tishuk ~ 13 years ago

That’s it… I can’t take it anymore.

Brian ~ 13 years ago

By the way Bear, the only acceptable action to take against your Eckerd girl would have been to take her shoes and throw them into the woods.

jimmy ~ 13 years ago

I think I finally understand where Bear is coming from. Looking at the example Bear gave about not having .79 on him.

The deal is Bear, you actually associate some sort of morality or code of honor in regards to the form of payment. The fact that you think it is is “poor form for using a credit card to pay for .79” shows that you associate a specific dollar value with each form a payment. 0>X use cash, X>Y use a credit card, Y>Z use checks. I was talking with my family about our discussion and they took my side on the basis that if you are friends with me, you are probably a bastard and therefore you probably had a snide or sarcastic tone. Needless to say, my family doesn’t think very highly of me or my cohorts. I just think very few of us put a moral code on payment options. That is probably why she got mad at you. her thoughts might have been, “what the hell is his problem? what is the difference how I pay for my purchase?” You on the other hand, would feel bad about using a check for 4.37, so the only reason you would be using a check for a 4.37 purchase would be because you didn’t know of the existence of check cards.

I see where you come from now. I disagree with your whole position and I just feel it is rude to say something like that to a perfect stranger but, maybe if I had your same code of ethics, I would be right there with you. And I know I cannot change your ethics.

Stu-bag ~ 13 years ago

Wow, I really don’t know why I just read half this thread.

Chip ~ 13 years ago

From now on, I am paying in change when with Bear

Tom Sherman ~ 13 years ago

I missed this way back when, but this is fucking GREAT.

Susan ~ 12 years ago

Did it ever occur to you geniuses that perhaps she had lost her check card and while awaiting her replacement card she HAD NO CHOICE but to use a check?

Adam Gautsch ~ 12 years ago

First off, no. Second off, you always have a choice when it is under $5.

Samantha ~ 11 years ago

Or maybe, just maybe she got in the store.. realized she left her wallet at home or in the car for that matter but had her checkbook on hand.. Maybe you would have rather waited until she ran all the way out to her car and back inside so she could pay with cash or a check card.
Haha, you're the crazy one.. Patience is a virtue..

Phil ~ 11 years ago

Why use 35 years old as the break point for your sarcastic phlegm asshole. I'm 50 and know more about debit cards, flashcards and digital anything than you know about your own dick.

Olivier Blanchard ~ 11 years ago

You guys actually shop at Eckerd?


Tom Sherman ~ 11 years ago

Re: Phil's comment... Evan, that would barely qualify as the rudest comment on the jotsheet in a given DAY.

jimmy ~ 10 years ago

I completely forgot about this post but It was awesome. Bear, why don't you post more things like this for us to talk about ;-)

BTW, I still think I am right...

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