Posted 14 years ago by Evan Tishuk

A graph demonstrating that Darwinian evolution is less accepted in U.S. than many other Western countries. Yup, we rank right above Turkey and just below the fine progressive nations of Cyprus and Latvia. "Well, the jury is still out on evolution, you know." ~ George W. Bush answering a question regarding the case about how the evolution of man should be taught in schools, September 2005. The "moran" man comes to mind. (LiveScience.com contributes more commentary)


olivier blanchard ~ 14 years ago

I get all of my scientific facts from movies. (The Norseman being the benchmark for all truth-based historical sagas, by the way.)

Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

The user comment for the 'The Norseman' on IMDB.

"Wow...worst movie ever"

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