Posted 14 years ago by Adam Gautsch

I was reading my RSS reader earlier today and read a post titled "Two bacon lectures this lectures week if you live in Chicago". Of course the title was actually Two good lectures this lectures week if you live in Chicago. Moral of the story, the words bacon and good have merge into one word in my brain. I tell this story to link to this recipe for Baked potato and leek soup with cheddar and bacon in hopes that Evan makes this and brings it to Bag Lunch Thursday.


Meg ~ 14 years ago

Can't you guys sprinkle some bacon on top or something?

Bear ~ 14 years ago

The bacon is a garnish. The only other meaty thing in the recipe is chicken stock which I suppose can be replace with veggie stock.

As a side note, bacon as a garnish is the largest problem with The Bacon Show website. A website I'll praise until I die. However, they do have a lot of recipes that use bacon as an afterthought. Not ideal, but I imagine finding a new bacon recipe a day forever get tough.

Maybe it should be expanded to the pig show.

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