Great Olan Mills Photos

Posted 13 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Great Olan Mills Photos. Nuff Said.


Susan ~ 13 years ago

Thank you for the first genuine laugh of 2008. I also curse you guys for introducing me to yet another great site that will prevent me from doing the things I need to do.

Oh, and am I the only one who was afraid of seeing my own family?

Adam Gautsch ~ 13 years ago

I was pretty sure the Gautsch family circa 1982 was going to be in that list. I guess I'm proud we didn't but sorta disappointed.

Evan Tishuk ~ 13 years ago

I should dig up a photo of me from when I was about 3. Faux-fireplace behind me. Red sweater. White turtleneck. Holding an empty milar-wrapped gift box with a big velvet bow. My mother was a sadist.

olivier blanchard ~ 13 years ago

Oh wow. I'm going back to lomo.

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