Greenville SC as the face of modern manufacturing

Posted 6 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Our hometown is pretty good at getting good press. People like our downtown, the weather and the people. It's always fun to see a mention in the national press, but this most recent run of press is probably the most interesting and useful yet. Adam Davidson of Planet Money fame spent a lot of time in Greenville and has used our town as the microscope to study the modern American manufacturer. His output can be found in the most recent Planet Money podcast, several reports on Morning Edition, and the cover story of the Atlantic Magazine. Big deal publications all.

What's most enjoyable about these stories is they aren't love stories to the downtown or the bridge or the other things most people write about. These reports are asking the important question of what does the modern manufacturing plant and worker look like and what's the future. Greeenville is doing some good and interesting things on this front, (BMW is expanding for example) but everything isn't rosey and bright and understanding what a job looks like in 2012 is important. I hope everyone from grandstanding politicians to clueless high school students read or listen to at least some of these reports. Jobs are available for the highly trained and hard working. The communities that either grow or recruit these workers are going to be the communities that win the modern manufacturing wars.


Harrison Brookie ~ 6 years ago

I was also excited to hear this on NPR!

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