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Posted July 17, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

When we first moved into our new offices the closest place to get a drink or a candy bar became the Eckerd at the corner of Stone and Main Street. The daytime cashier for the Eckerd is, more times than not, an older gentlemen with an odd charm and an unbridled joy for his job. He is a short and bald man who speaks with a quiet voice but he always has something interesting to say.

He likes to tell you little things about the products you buy,

"The expiration date for these Tic-Tac's is August of 2009, but I bet you will finish them before then"

He always has a point to the story or a punchline to the joke. That's what makes him great. You find yourself asking, where the hell is this going and then BAM you are smiling. He makes you want to go to Eckerd and I've actually walked out of the store when I saw he wasn't working. Buying a Dr. Pepper isn't worth it, if he isn't there.

Over the last couple of months, I've learned a great number of things from him,

  • If you buy large products at Eckerd always ask for a bag because the bag can double as trash bag for your kitchen trash can. (A tip from his wife really)
  • Mini-Ritz crackers with a cheese filling are great in tomato soup
  • I also know the expiration date of countless products

And one of my favorite stories of all time:

I was buying Mini-Ritz crackers with cash one day and was due some change. Before he handed me my change he asked, "do you have a significant other?"

"No, not really," I replied.

He then handed me my change, all but one quarter. He kept that quarter for a second as he told me, "well, when you do make sure to give her this quarter. You are always suppose to give women you love flowers."

Mississippi Quarter
Mississippi Quarter

Awesome. I found that to be the perfect Guy at Eckerd story. Strange set up and simple and homey punchline. He is just the type of guy who puts a smile on your face everytime and I'm glad he is around.


General Lordisimo ~ July 17, 2007

Yeah I know that guy. A few weeks back I bought a soda and some chips at that Eckerd and paid with my credit card but almost left without signing the stores copy of the receipt. He calmly said to me "wait a minute son, it's not every day I get the lord to sign something for me." What a great man.

jubilant pillager ~ August 02, 2007

I've bought razors, sodas, and even a note pad and have still yet to run into that guy. I always get this really awkward kid that looks more like Harry Potter than Lord (he has a more round face) and he always asks to see my ID when I use a credit card. After I sign my receipt he says, "This is your copy" I take it and then he just stares down at the cash register as I look at him and say, "Have a good day..." and then leave.
That does not put a smile on my face but rather scrunched eyebrows... definitely not the same.
I'm going on an official mission to find "the Eckerd cashier" as of sometime soon.

olivier ~ August 07, 2007

And all this time, you thought Yoda was the bomb.

I'm going to have to go check him out now.

Paivi ~ September 10, 2007

Agreed. This guy is the greatest. You need to hear the joke about the guy who played golf on the holiest of days, Sunday. Turns out God is a fan of golf too! What I think really shows how much he cares is when he goes through the Eckard's coupons for you. Usually you're not buying an item that will be in there but he checks "just in case" which is sweet. Great. Now I have yet another reason to miss Greenville.

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