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Close-up of OrangeCoat Halloween window display with IE6 graveyard scene

OrangeCoat's World Headquarters is a renovated service station located on Stone Avenue in Greenville, South Carolina. Like most service stations of a certain time, there are two big garage doors covering a large portion of our building. From now until All Saints Day, these two doors have transformed into a canvas for some scary Halloween art.

OrangeCoat Halloween window display with IE6 graveyard scene

IE be used, Nevermore

Internet Explorer 6 is a super villain robot-zombie Freddie Kruger styled monstrosity. It needs to die. Even though Internet Explorer is now on version 8, over-worked IT departments and unknowing web users have not updated their copies of IE. Still having to code for IE6 causes the web development world to howl with pain and spew cursed words. IE6 is an old browser. It's old technology and it needs to die—today1

Change Your Evil Ways

If you use Internet Explorer please update immediately.

If you work in an IT department, be kind to your company and the internet in general and update to IE8.

If you really love the web community and yourself, try a new browser

Either browser is a treat to use. They're fast, stable, and secure. Give 'em a shot, and let us know what you think.

Still need more convincing? Don't take our word, let the internet help ring the death knell

Back to The Window

Wow, sorry about that rant. We tend to go into a bit of a trance of anger when we speak of IE6. But the window display is supposed to be scary or cool or scary-cool on levels. The IE gravestone is clearly the star of the show, but it is not the entire show. It's a complete graveyard replete with bats, gravestones, and skulls—oh my.

Please drive on by if you're in the neighborhood. We'll have the lights on from 7:10 to 2:10 every night until November First.

For more photos, including a couple of behind-the-scenes and making-of shots, check out our Facebook page.

Oh and by the way, Happy Halloween.

Footnotes and other various sundries

  1. IE was released in 2001. How many people still have the same cell phone, TV, or even car they had in 2001? (back)


Jim F. ~ 8 years ago

Very nice. I shall not mourn IE6's passing.

Lord ~ 8 years ago

I feel that it should be noted that not only does your wonderful Holiday decoration speak levels to the dislike of IE6, but the sheer length of this post is quite a comment in and of itself.

I don't know if you've written a blog post this long since you blogged about bacon wrapped corn brats. Cheers to you sir and your anti-IE6 sentiments.

Adam Gautsch ~ 8 years ago

Let it be known that I wrote twice as much about IE but edited down to maintain a PG rating.

dave ~ 8 years ago

Wow, really outdone yourselves this time. Awesome work.

Drew ~ 8 years ago

Brilliant concept. Brilliant execution. Death to IE6 and Happy Halloween!

Paul S. Waters ~ 8 years ago

You guys are awesome.

Benjamin Young ~ 8 years ago

Best Halloween decoration this year. Perhaps you can write off the work as a charitable donation to the cause of humanity and over stressed web designers (in specific).

The picture is great, but there's nothing like seeing it in person. Thanks again for using your prime real estate spot responsibly. Keep up the great work...and positive propaganda.

Sarcasmo ~ 8 years ago

lol nerd rage

ZOSE ~ 8 years ago

R.I.P. IE.


Will ~ 8 years ago

Amazing. IE doesn't deserve to "RIP" though.

Devin Smith ~ 8 years ago


Jennifer Kouyoumjian ~ 8 years ago

I am working a contract at GE, and every new computer comes with a fresh copy of IE6. If my code works on that I know I'm set. I LOVE your images...very cool lighting. How did you print it/paint it?

Visitor ~ 8 years ago

Great window. Great point about IE6. Gotta put a plug in for Apple's Safari, though. Pretty great, too, IMHO. The live mini-previews are quite nice.

Oki ~ 8 years ago

beautiful work on your 404.


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