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Posted February 27, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

There are rumors floating around that Vince Young scored a 6 on the Wonderlic test (A high score is mid 30's to low 40's). That seems hard to believe on every level. No matter, here are some scores of past QB's. Jeff George got a 10.


Evan Tishuk ~ February 27, 2006

It measures general intelligence and problem solving ability. The highest score is a 50.

Famed Clemson dual-threat QB, Woody Dantzler, recieved a 17 which is 1 point higher than Dan Marino. A 6 is just plain pathetic.

I took a sample Wonderlic test a while ago got one wrong out of 25. Except for the time factor, it's really easy. A 6 would, I think, be less than 3 out of 25 correct.

Bobby ~ February 28, 2006

I took the sample test on espn.com. I got 13/15. I didn't even attempt number 11 due to time. Number 13 is tough to do in your head. I gave it a ball park guess and was off by $40. I was glad I didn't any easy question wrong by a careless mistake. How much time do you get on the real test? Did anyone else take the sample?

Adam Gautsch ~ February 28, 2006

Yeah, I blindly guessed on 11 too because I didn't feel like putting the time into figuring that out. That was the only one I missed.

The rest (besides 13 which was tough) were almost too easy. I double checked some of my answers because I couldn't belive that the questions were that simple but they all were.

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