Hidden and Unfamiliar

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

The entire Hidden and Unfamiliar photo set is great but the braille edition of Playboy really intrigues me. It's all about the articles people.


Lord ~ 9 years ago

"Approximately 10 million American adults read Playboy every month, with three million obtaining it through paid circulation"

So here is my question: How are the 7 million unpaid American adults obtaining Playboy? Let us hope that thoase people who are not paying (therefore most likely taking a gander at somebody elses copy) are really only in it for the articles, otherwise . . . ew

Lord ~ 9 years ago

Oh wait! Did I misunderstand that quote? Is that saying that 3 million americans read Playboy through library circulation? If so . . . also ew.

note: we don't have Playboy in circulation in the Greenville Library System

olivier blanchard ~ 9 years ago

And I was just about to go renew my library card.

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