Homebrews and Oysters

Posted 13 years ago by Evan Tishuk

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to taste homemade oak-infused and partially distilled mead (that's me on the left) at the Upstate Brewtopians Annual Oyster Roast. I also enjoyed several other quality home brews as well as bashfully shared a few of my own with the seasoned brewing veterans there. Oh and Meg and I won a Party Pig! Thanks to Vladmir for documenting the whole event.


olivier blanchard ~ 13 years ago

Ooo! A party pig!

What's with the Russian?

Evan Tishuk ~ 13 years ago

The photographer is from Moscow by way of Montreal and currently lives in Clemson studying bio-engineering. He recently started brewing and hence was at the oyster roast. Given enough time, I think the homebrewing community could have brought down the Berlin wall too.

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