Honestly people, Rap in the '90's was better

Posted 6 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Not to sound like a grumpy old man, but honestly people 90's rap is better.

I'm reminded of this again today thanks to Anil Dash's tweet

Great part of working w/ @ftrain: "Judgment Night was the only film to go straight to college radio." Plus, we're discussing Judgment Night. ~ @anildash

This, of course, led me to listen to the entire bleepin' Judgement Night album again. It's not great. It's not even better than a lot of stuff today. But, it's a different sound and something you don't hear much of anymore. I encourage everyone to listen at least once to songs like


Now, I'm fully willing to accept that every song on the Judgement Night soundtrack I like more for nostalgia than quality. However, the second group of the day, Mobb Deep, wins without the aid of nostalgia. After reading Slate's review the new autobiography from Prodigy I started listening to Quiet Storm on repeat.

It's a gangster movie in 3 minutes and 57 seconds and a song a wish more people knew and remembered.


Adam Gautsch ~ 6 years ago

And now news that the Wu-Tang Clan is looking for an intern.

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