I Hate Mexico City

Posted November 22, 2005 by Evan Tishuk

Long story short.

  • Low clouds, delays flight from Atlanta (1 hour)
  • In Miami's piece of shit airport, I turn an 18 minute walk from terminal A to terminal B into a 6 minute sprint. Sweaty is a ridiculous understatement. This was probably the worst thing I could have done becuase it got me to Mexico instead of marooning me in Miami
  • Poorly arranged cargo delays trip from Miami to Mexico City (2.5 hours)
  • Not one, but two separate instances of misinformation lead to me missing my flight out of Mexico City (15 hours)
  • Screaming obscenities in public (priceless)

ME: "When does the flight to Huatulco depart?"

IDIOT: "That one's been changed to 6:55 you have enough time to get there. Follow the M1 signs to gate 19C"

ME: Follows signs to 19C

ME: Does not see a sign anywhere saying "Huatulco"

ME: "Is this the right gate for Huatulco?"

IDIOT #2: "Let me check... Oh. No, you have to go to gate 7"

ME: "Ok. I still have 20 minutes. Sweet."

ME: Goes through some sort of customs checkpoint

ME: Gets to gate 7

No one is there. wtf?

ME: "Is this the correct gate for the flight to Huatulco?"

IDIOT #3: "OHH! No! That left 20 minutes ago."


I actually said to a fellow American in a similar predicament, "I'd give anything to be flying out of Newark right now."


Bobby ~ November 22, 2005

I really wish I could have been a fly on the wall or walls that day.

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