I stopped drinking coffee

Posted January 13, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

Coffee was something I really looked forward to. I'd have a nice hot cup every morning and two or three throughout the day. It was glorious.

Well, not anymore! I changed things up to see what my system would feel like sans coffee. So far, it's noticeable. I'm getting more sleep and I feel different, less edgy and (oddly) less prone to procrastination. There have not been any noticeable blips in my "regularity." Hallelujah!

As a partial replacement, I'm drinking tea--decaf. Out of shame I should punch myself in the throat. But that's why it's a temporary retirement. I'll be back one day. And I may commemorate that day with a brew of pure Kopi Lowak.


olivier blanchard ~ January 13, 2006

You can get almost the same results from Chihuahua droppings, at a fraction of the cost.


Natalia Muska ~ January 23, 2006

I'm inspired. I might try the no coffee thing, I'm actually thinking about going as organic as I can without being crazy. The meat conversation from yesterday scared me a bit.

Evan Tishuk ~ January 23, 2006

I did have a cup an a half at the Dillard House on Saturday. But it was definitely out of necessity. I would not have made it through the evening otherwise.

I recently read an article that said habitual coffee drinking did little to raise blood pressure but occassional consumption had a slight effect. Either way, after the headache wears off it feels good to be free.

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