I Survived Wild Mushrooms.

Posted 9 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Meg, Lord, and I enjoyed a really fantastic (if I do say so myself) wild mushroom risotto made from a mixture of store-bought oyster mushrooms and wild chrome-footed boletes (tylopilus chromapes) harvested from my front yard. To top that off, the meal was supplemented by fresh shallots and garlic from our little garden that I water every morning. Meg had the idea to add some sauteed leaks into the dish. After 20 minutes in the pan they disintegrated into thin strands that almost approximated stringy cheese -- but with a subtle oniony flavor. What a great addition.

The wild chrome-footed bolete mushrooms had a tartness that quickly dissipated into a bready (almost smoky) flavor. Maybe like a lemon-crusted pumpernickel crouton. No. Actually, more like sourdough.

I have a large stash of these mushrooms which I'm going to integrate into another meal. Any suggestions?


Lord ~ 9 years ago

You forgot to mention that all of the above was served on an eggplant medallion that had been sauteed in a lot of butter and garlic makig a delicious sponge of flavor beneath the already superb mushroom risotto.

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