I think the championship game was rigged

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Our friend Slusser is not happy that bacon didn't win the meat bracket.

His logic that bacon isn't a meal is bunk. The fact that bacon is so
versatile should count for something. You can take a perfectly bland
piece of chicken or steak and bacon it up into a perfect hybrid meat.
Add it to any sandwich or burger or salad. You can stop that.

This simple fact that you can make salad bowls out of bacon should
have trumped all things. The only thing that might beat bacon would be
a team of small Mike Ditka's.


dave ~ 8 years ago

I agree that Bacon should have taken the crown, and that it is a versatile meat. However, bacon and chicken is a combination that should be well thought out based on how the chicken is cooked. You can't just put bacon with chicken and expect results. Chicken and bacon is the white whale of culinary arts.

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