I'm a dad!

Posted 10 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Meg and our new standard poodle, Sarkozy (Bear likes to call him Grover)
Meg and I are the parents of a proud looking black standard poodle named Sarkozy. For those who are wondering about the name, here's a 1-hour interview by Charlie Rose with the dog's namesake, French Prsident Nicolas Sarkozy. Personally, I dislike the French pronunciation, and prefer the Hungarian version. He and Josie met for the first time this morning and there was a little bit of friction.


Evan Tishuk ~ 10 years ago

A trip to the vet this morning confirms -- kennel cough strikes again.

olivier Blanchard ~ 10 years ago

You guys beat me to the black standard poodle ownership game. Drat!!!

Great name though.

Evan Tishuk ~ 10 years ago

He was rescued from Spencer West Virginia in early February by a couple of game hunters. Evidently he was roaming around the wilderness and in pretty rough shape when the hunters found him. He had some puncture wounds and gashes where barbed wire might have cut him. He spent 12 days with a foster family before being transported to Carolina Poodle Rescue where we adopted him. He's about 50 lbs and still a little skinny for his frame.

The vet also said he's about 2 - 3 years old by the looks of his teeth. Hopefully he'll be feeling better by Bag Lunch Thursday and I can bring him by the office.

olivier Blanchard ~ 10 years ago


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