Improving the Network

Posted December 14, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

Letting me talk back and forth with the people in my network quickly and easily about any post they just made. I don't have that now. I often times want to say, thanks for the link, or that's cool but what if, but I can't do that with in its current state.

Allowing the conversation to continue and grow inside your network, now we're talking.

That and changing the damn name to something easier to type.



Swamp Fox ~ December 14, 2006

Yep. Agree.

Jake ~ December 22, 2006

Totally agree with you. As cool as delicious is, I'm also VERY disappointed that they've not done more after the Yahoo aquistion. Seriously, look at how many new features they've added in the last ...year(? how long has it been) Not many. Even features like the daily posting functionality are in exactly the same VERY rough place they were long ago.

Patrick ~ January 05, 2007

I think a good name for would be It's about social bookmarking and spreading interesting links with friends and groups.

SneezeHard suggest spreading of those links as like a person sneezing a spreading germs.

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