In praise of good swag and practicing what you sell

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

"Where is everyone getting these notebooks from?" Brock asks as I walk into our meeting with my red, Swag Club notebook under my arm.

Before I could answer, in a tone that is half Seinfeld talking to Newman and half self-realization Brock says simply, "Kamran."

This, to me, is the purpose of swag and as the leader of Swag Club, Kamran practices what he sells better than most business men I know.


kamran popkin ~ 8 years ago

Thanks for the high praise!
So, I guess you think I need a website? I do have a really lame blog, and also a photoblog. Not enough, I guess.
We should talk.

Sharon Self ~ 7 years ago

Yes, you need a website....I was just searching for you and couldn't find you!!! :-)

tyler durden ~ 7 years ago

sorry bout that, ss- I am still quibbling over price and pain w/ bear and evan. but just google me, or better yet, call. 864.316.6263. if it makes sense. 24/7. I am, as ever, at your beck and call.
ps- duchess says hi!

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