In Praise of the Little Things

Posted February 12, 2008 by Adam Gautsch

You sometimes forget how important business cards are for new companies. For an entrepreneur it is putting their dreams, their life goals into something tangible and tactile. On a 3.5 inch wide piece of card stock. To the success of a business a business card is not as important as a business plan or website, but to the psyche of an entrepreneur it is often times the most important thing. It tells the world, this dream of mine, it is real and I am serious.

I was reminded of that today when Evan came back from helping Essential Evolve print off a quick round of simple business cards at Kinkos. These aren't the final cards and we aren't even using the final version of the logo. Both the card and logo are in Beta to use a term from OC's world. But they are flying out to Las Vegas for a trade show next week and they needed these cards now. So, we got them done. At Kinkos. And I love them.

I love the cards so much because I know what they mean to Kelly and Geoff. I understand and relate to the passion they have for their company. Essential Evolve has been a dream of theirs for years and they are finally at place where they can make their dream a reality.

When we first started OrangeCoat, Evan put everything into our first round of business cards. They were different and fun and something he'd probably never design today. But they were perfect for a young OrangeCoat. I remember getting those cards back from the printer and just playing with a single card for fifteen minutes. Flipping the card over and back, over and back. Bending and plucking the card. That damn card sure was real and so was OrangeCoat.

I think and hope Kelly and Geoff at Essential Evolve are doing something similar right now. They have a ton of passion and some great ideas. I hope those business cards help solidify, in some way, the idea and business of Essential Evolve. I hope they continue to grow and enjoy their business and hope they don't forget the simple joys of the beginning, like holding your first business card.

OrangeCoat is slap busy right now. Drinking through a fire hose as some like to say. But, I sure am glad we were able to get those cards done for Kelly and Geoff. I think Essential Evolve is going to be a great company run by passionate people.


olivier Blanchard ~ February 12, 2008

Cool, but nothing compares to the last batch of F360 cards I designed. If they gave out Academy Awards for business card design, we would have gotten one for sure. They're gooder than Wonder Woman's magic lasso. (But less lethal than wood or stainless steel business cards - and yes, i have seen both.)

Very nice work, and great post.

I'm actually a big fan of the OC's business cards.

Billy ~ February 12, 2008

I love this post. What a great testament TO Orange Coat and FOR the folks you serve.

This is precisely why "what we do" is important and why we really can make a difference in the lives of others.

Bravo. Thanks for sharing.

Bear ~ February 13, 2008

Thank y'all for the kind words. Evan has a couple cool stories about helping Kelly at Kinko's. He told them to me to put in to this post, but I'm not a good enough writer to tell a third party story.

C-Spin ~ February 15, 2008

Cards are great, and a huge moment for someone striking out on thier own, but there are a couple standard rules that need to be followed. A very important such rule is indicating what goods or services you are providing on your card. If I get a card, and it doesn't say what they do, I don't know where to put it, and it ends up in the trash.

C-Town ~ February 16, 2008

C-Spin, if you listen to the person as they give you the card you probably would know where to put it (but seriously, you don't really throw them out, do you?).

Bear, great post. I can only imagine the excitement as you get your first business card for your own business. I vaguely remember getting your first business card and thinking, wow these guys are for real. I actually still have that card for some reason.

Courtney ~ February 22, 2008

"It tells the world, this dream of mine, it is real and I am serious."

So true ... I still get a little thrill when I hand someone new one of my cards ... I also get a slight twinge of imposter-ism ... am I really grown up enough to have a dream that requires a business card? Wow.

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