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Posted 15 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Attention Bachelors, Drunks and the Lazy

Great Burgers From Frozen to Done in Ten Minutes*

Looking for a great tasting burger that is easy and quick to cook? Then you are looking for the world famous Bubba Burger. Simply take the completely frozen (but completely delicious) Bubba Burger out of the freezer and place it on a hot skillet. Ten minutes and one flip later you have a burger that rivals any restaurant bought burger.

These are perfect for the single man, the lazy couple, or anyone who is too drunk to drive to Hardees. Pick up an eight pack of Bubba Burgers today and thank me later.

*The subheadline was originally 'Easier than Lindsay Lohan' but I'm better than that.


Kristin ~ 15 years ago

Tasty, but no comparison to Fuddruckers, Bubba.

olivier blanchard ~ 15 years ago

Dude. Ten minutes isn't easier than Lindsay Lohan.


Dicky G ~ 15 years ago

I've never been too drunk to drive to Hardees.


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