Is Firefox bogging down your computer?

Posted April 10, 2007 by Evan Tishuk

I'm using K-Meleon v. 1.02 and loving every second of it. It's like Firefox... before the bells and whistles shat all over it.

So, what's K-Meleon capable of?

  • Open source -- check
  • Remembers passwords -- check
  • Tabbed browsing -- check
  • Flash support -- check
  • (most importantly) Properly renders Gmail -- check

The one important thing it doesn't do is hog between 250 and 480 megabytes of memory. In fact, the highest memory footprint I've seen with K-Meleon is a mere 51MB!

It's not all roses though. The big bummer for me is that it lacks Firefox's massive selection of useful extensions / plugins. K-Meleon also hasn't had a new release since September of 2006.

All K-Meleon needs is a little more traction, a snazzy new logo, a fresh non-sourceforge website (ahem), and some other bloggers talking it up.


Jim Ciallella ~ April 10, 2007

Certainly missing a few nifty features, like RSS, but I guess that's the trade off if you want a web browser that actually browses without eating CPU cylces or memory.

tom sherman ~ April 12, 2007

Jeez, I'll try anything these days. FF blows.

Evan Tishuk ~ April 12, 2007

Tom, I expect you to be one of the fellow bloggers talking this application up. I've been using it fulltime for four days and I'm still satisfied.

tom sherman ~ April 13, 2007

Yep, I'm liking it thus far. Expect a grandiose post in the near future about how it's better than FF or IE7.

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