Is Photography Dead

Posted 13 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Photoshop killed the photography star? Photography is in an interesting place. Digital cameras are making more people better photographers but the Photoshops of the world do take some of the 'art' out of photography.


olivier ~ 13 years ago

I disagree. Everyone I know owns a digital camera and their photos still suck, photoshop or not.

The difference now is that most pro photographers shoot in auto/program mode instead of in manual mode. In essence, they let the camera do all the work. That sucks, but it's their choice if they want to be lazy.

Photo editing used to be a lot tougher because it required dark room savvy, chemicals, and lots of patience. Photoshop makes the process faster, cheaper and more accurate. That's all.

Mike ~ 13 years ago

Photography is not dead, it just scares some folks that the traditional photo can be manipulated until it no longer looks like what we think a photo should look like! Like anything, Photoshop can be used for minor adjustments, or to make a photograph look like a painting. As someone who still uses Tri-X black and white film, I sure hope photography is not dead! Now, where is that Beatles LP I was looking for....

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