Is Tom Alive?

Posted May 17, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

Where in the world is Tom Sherman? Has nothing angered this kid lately.


Evan Tishuk ~ May 17, 2007

Seriously. If he doesn't comment here in the next 2 days I'm sending a search party to Chicago.

nobrainer ~ May 17, 2007


tom sherman ~ May 19, 2007

Okay okay, I am back! I was in Costa Rica for some of the time. Some of the time I was working on crap. Some of it was, I was buried in crap for WindyBits. And a lot of it, I was on Meebo but just hiding as invisible so people won't know what a loser I am and how much time I spend on the Internet.

In summary, I am trying to get my shit together, and I am alive.

Susan ~ May 19, 2007

Evidently, Costa Rica. I'm a little disappointed that he's been found, as I was hoping the success of the computer game would spin off a game show where the theme song was sung by Rockapella. I'm pretty sure those guys need work.

Adam Gautsch ~ May 21, 2007

Damn, I was looking forward to a road trip to Chicago.

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