It's always a good time

Posted 16 years ago by Adam Gautsch

It is always a good time to start a good business.

You know, one with a solid business model, a client base, a strategy, and a good team. And it is always a bad time to start a bad business. You know, one with no model for making money, poor strategy, no team, etc. etc. A good business, with a good team, and a good strategy will win more than it will lose. This makes no difference if you are trying to start a web business during a wave of Web 2.0 hype or if you are starting a lawn care business.

But more than that, Caterina's post angers me because entrepreneurs should not discourage others from starting a business. Or more specially, they should not discourage EVERYONE else from starting a business. Be realistic and give good advice, but I think one of the goals of all entrepreneurs should be to encourage others to do great things. Don't give them 6 reasons why they are going to fail. Give them 6 ways they could fail and give them 12 ways to avoid that failure.

The entrepreneurial spirit is the most positive thing in the world. It makes you want to get up in the morning, take risks, and dream big. People should not pour cold water on this spirit; they should fan its flames.

So, I say to everyone---start a business. It's a great time to do so. It is always a great time to start a great business. Just be smart and don't bite off more than you can chew. Have a plan and have a way to make money. You might fail, so what, we all fail. But don't be discouraged from trying because a couple websites tell you it is a bad time to try.

It is always a good time to start a good business.


PS: David over at SVN does a better job than I at explaining why it is a good time to start an online business.


Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

Nay-sayers are also great motivation.

Adam ~ 16 years ago

I think Caterina's post is crap not only for its content, but for the fact that she turned off comments because too many people were lambasiting her for it. Lame.

nobrainer ~ 16 years ago

Here's what I read: "if you can't compete, it's a bad time to start a business."

Well DUH.

Nick ~ 16 years ago

Its always a bad time to start a bad business.

Kane from ~ 16 years ago

Comments to Caterina:

Her 1st Point: What's wrong with going to some startup? If you play your cards right you'll just get bought out by yahoo/google/microsoft and then you'll look back on her advice as, well, bull.

Her 2nd Point: In case you haven't noticed, every industry has some competition. Entrepreneurship IS exhausting, especially in the beginning, and businesses do typically have expenses, unless I'm mistaken.

Her 3rd Point: Sounds like a copout. Then again so does the whole post.

Her 4th Point: I don't really see much validity in this, but I don't have a response, either.

Her 6th Point: Is this even a point? What does this have to do with starting up a business?

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

"Her 6th Point: Is this even a point? What does this have to do with starting up a business?"

I think she makes a decent point here. There is a lot of noise out there. Your good idea risks being lost in the clamour. Or the publicity outlets are so thinned-out that your not even a blip on the radar.

Kane from ~ 16 years ago

That's fair, but I think there's still a idea that if you have a good product, you can rise above some of the fluff, and if you can't, than perhaps the product needs alteration or isn't the best solution available. Granted, that's not always the case, but it should be the first thing you question if you're not growing as planned.

Plus, in her point, she seems more intent to point out that a lot of the "web 2.0" companies are getting caught up in the networking aspects of business, rather than concentrating on product development. Obviously upper level figures need to balance their time spent on external and internal activities, but they do need to be out there trying to get VC and backing from other companies. That said, I do agree with her point that there are a few too many industry conference type events, but I think it's more of a critique of current startups' priorities rather than the merits of a future startup.

It’s always a good time (tags: business)...

olivier ~ 16 years ago

How the hell did I miss this post?!

This rocks.

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