Jerry Sloan's Induction Speech

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame induction speech is getting a great deal of attention. Some love it (see: Signals, 37 and Wilbon, Michael)1 and some hate it (see: Wojnarowski, Adrian). I suppose that's the sign of a good speech in some respect. That all being said, Jerry Sloan's speech was the clear winner of the group of inductees for me. Sloan was able to explain his life in basketball through a humble and honest story. Telling a simple story allowed Sloan to thank everyone without just reading a laundry list (that is until the end where politics of such speeches required him to mention everyone he hadn't yet) and told us more about who Sloan is and why he is the person he is than any other speech of the group.

1. It's probably worth noting that the two mentioned that loved the speech are from Chicago.


Harold ~ 8 years ago

I am not from Chicago. I loved Sloan's speech and I was not one of his fans before the speech. I grew up in New York. It was full of humility and contrasted greatly with Michael Jordan's almost bully pulpit. This was salt of the earth, tenth child in a farm family, never quit guy. It was great for sports, terrific for basketball and I hope that the youngsters and players of today would take a page out of Jerry's humble heart.

Sloan Fan ~ 8 years ago

I grew up in Utah. I was 14 when Jerry took over coaching the Jazz from Frank Layden. People loved Frank and there was some trepidation about Coach Sloan. But over time it became evident that Jerry was a perfect replacement. Everyone in the league knew what plays were going to be run by the Jazz, but stopping those plays was a different story. Forgive the clique's, but it was no-nonsense hard-nosed basketball, and that fit perfectly with Coach Sloan's style. I miss those days. Things haven't been the same since John Stockton retired. The shorts get bigger, the team play is harder to recognize, I can hardly tell if some teams run set plays anymore. It would be nice if some of the players would learn from the Stockton and Sloan's of the world, but I think that trend is going the other direction. I rarely watch basketball anymore, but when I do it's nice to tune into a Jazz game and know that the team is still playing Jerry Sloan basketball. Class act.

Visitor ~ 8 years ago

Im from McLeansboro, Illinois and Jerry Sloan is 100% back here at home as the man you see on t.v. His sister was one of my high school substitutes and was in her 70's when I was in high school and one of the smartest ladies I've ever met. Jerry is just one of the good ol' boys here back home in Hamilton County (population less than 8,000). He grew up on Goblers Knob (population well it dont have one). Jerry lives here in the off season and is just another guy even though he is the "Fabulous Fox" (mcleansboro foxes). I've sat at the local Elks Club and shared many beers with him. He helps our community in so so so many ways. Like I've told him before the reason we love him so much here is NOT because of his success but he has never forgot that he is a McLeansboro boy. We are so proud of our "Fabulous Fox". And when you said the team is still playing "jerry sloan basketball" that isn't what it is, that's McLeansboro Foxes basketball. Everyone in Southern Illinois takes their basketball serious but in McLeansboro we breed it into our players we learn that same motion offense that you see the jazz play everynight from 4th grade when we start playing until high school. We are a basketball powerhouse for the same reasons the Jazz have been all these years. Not because of talent but because we are going to out hustle and out work everyone we play. It dont matter if your the superstar or the last guy off the bench you dont hustle and play hard nose you dont play. We make are free throws,take care of the ball, and play hard nose defense non-stop. And that sir is how a hillbilly kid from the knob makes it into the NBA Hall of Fame.

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