Jimmy Carter is the new Chuck Norris.

Posted 9 years ago by Evan Tishuk

In Georgia, a family member said [tropical storm] Fay's winds knocked an oak tree onto the Plains home of former President Jimmy Carter late on Saturday. One of the former president's sons, Jeff Carter, said both his father and his mother, Rosalynn Carter, were at home at the time but neither was hurt.

Enraged by the storm's attempted assault on his family, the former president proceeded to shake his fist into the heavens, roaring "You insolent bastard." The storm immediately calmed and the skies cleared providing the Carter family with warm sun and a calm breeze for the remainder of the day.

Lord sent this to me because we have this theory that Jimmy Carter can speak to whales and control the weather. There's also some evidence that Jimmy Carter was supposed to replace Ma-ti as the 5th member of the Planeteers. A scheduling conflict nixed the deal and Captain Planet was ruined.


dave ~ 9 years ago

Seriously, you need to start a second blog and post these little musings about the universe, there hasn't been a single moment where I've laughed harder.

Evan Tishuk ~ 9 years ago

With the severe weather in Greenville today and the tornado at Clemson, I wish Jimmy Carter was from South Carolina protecting the places and people I love. God bless Jimmy Carter.

David Windham ~ 9 years ago

I would suggest that you watch this movie if you haven't seen it.

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