Josie after a bath

Posted January 02, 2008 by Adam Gautsch

Josie after a bath


olivier blanchard ~ January 02, 2008

Somebody got their asses handed to them by a pack of wild spaniels, last I checked.

Adam Gautsch ~ January 02, 2008

She is licking her chops at the chance to attack any and all wild spaniel that cross her path.

Susan ~ January 03, 2008

I noticed Josie's not wearing a collar....just curious, did you have one of those GPS chips put in her? Um, no reason for asking...

Adam Gautsch ~ January 03, 2008

No collar because she just had a bath. But she also has GPS, RFID, and everything else possible to track and find dogs installed. Just sayin....

Susan ~ January 03, 2008

I might as well just go ahead and give you directions to my house.

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