Josie and the Vets

Posted 13 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Josie's first planned visit to the vet ever was a success. Bob Barker would be proud. But Josie is feeling a bit beat by the whole thing.


Courtney ~ 13 years ago

That dawg is precious! I will send her a GEORGIA collar for Christmas.
What happened to her paws?

Evan Tishuk ~ 13 years ago
  1. Electric boots? (I think that's what those green things are on her hind legs) Check.
  2. Mohair suit? Check.
  3. J-J-J-Josie and the vets!
Adam Gautsch ~ 13 years ago


Josie got a super sized spaying that included the removal of her back two dew claws.

And though we all appreciate the thought with the Georgia collar Christmas gift. Josie has a strict Clemson only clothing policy. This is her decision as I took her to her first Clemson game when she was only three months old and she simply fell in love with the place and said no other schools but Clemson.

Susan ~ 13 years ago

I solemnly swear that one day you're going to be standing around, scratching your head and wondering to yourself "Now where is that dang dog?" and sweet little Josie will be halfway to Nashville. I originally intended to dognap my coworker's Havanese but plans fell through.

Just watch your dog, man...that's all I'm sayin'.

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