Josie at the beach

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Josie at the beach


Jim F. ~ 9 years ago

So Josie eats watermelon?

Evan Tishuk ~ 9 years ago

Josie eats dirt, spiders, wood, rocks, paper, grass, acorns, $20 bills, shirt sleeves, and excrement. Even if she did eat watermelon, she'd wish it tasted more like mud and paper.

Jim F. ~ 9 years ago

The dog our family had when I was growing up would eat watermelon (or try and eat it, as the juice would just shoot out the sides of his mouth most of the time). I always thought it was a little weird.

Lord ~ 9 years ago

This is an all around wonderful portrait/still life. You should hire somebody to paint a lifesize version of it.

Courtney ~ 9 years ago

Who knew Quinn took such great pictures?
Of course, Josie Bob is ridiculously photogenic ...

Quinn ~ 9 years ago

Awwww, Adam... she's just so beautiful!

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