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Posted 9 years ago by Madeleine Muska

ChipperDemon* is coming out with its September compilation featuring some surprise musicians and a few new hotties.

Throughout each month ChipperDemon comes across quite a few noteworthy bands and some need recognition for their prolific music contribution, some need it because they need all the name boasting possible for their small band status, while others are just too good not to mention. This month ChipperDemon found a lot of obscure bands and then some not so obscure that are among the top of the top for a monthly scavenge including Mock Orange, Beat Radio, and Ani DiFranco.

Mock Orange has come out with their album, Captain Love, this month that's got some hip thrusting jams you would think would be the product of the Black Keys mating with the Cold War Kids and The Flaming Lips directing with commentary from the corner of the room. The band has been around since 1998 producing radio recognized songs right from the start with their debut album Nines and Sixes. In 2002, after trying to start their own label, Dead Droid Records, George Lucas took them down with a lawsuit for copyright infringement leaving the band to create Mind is Not Brain with Silverthree in 2004. Captain Love is sure to appear in either television ads or movie soundtracks to follow Mock Orange's previous appearances on CSI: Miami and eventually ESPN.

Also, Beat Radio has also come out with the new CD, Sunday Matinee, with a few tracks sounding a bit Ben Kweller or Ben Folds but then contradict themselves with some songs that are a little more drum thumped. Beat Radio doesn't quite have the same extensive history as Mock Orange but they've got a song list to compete. Beat Radio certainly stands out among musicians with the ability to download a good deal of their music for free from music stores such as amie street or their myspace page.

The surprise artist, though, is Ani DiFranco releasing her 24th studio album, Red Letter, September 20th and is completely open to stream from the righteous babe website. Ani DiFranco, a new mom, hasn't changed all that much in style over the past few years. She has also proved her phenomenal relentless production ability. The CD is similar to the previous albums, Knuckle Down and Educated Guess, with Ani-esque lyrics and a heavy instrumental style. Much like Knuckle Down there are a few really good tracks while the others are almost a little too Ani. The album is certainly worth the attention and can be pre-ordered for only $12.

The ChipperDemon mix CD release will be held on September 24th, the 4th Wednesday of the month as usual.

*A note from the Coat: OrangeCoat is a big fan of the ChipperDemon's monthly music collection and asked if they could provide us with a weekly blog post providing some insight into the creation of each month's collection.

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