Kenny Mayne Kentucky Derby Blog

Posted 12 years ago by Evan Tishuk

"LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- In our last conversation, which was decidedly one-way, I mentioned the cold and flu season and how, so far, Derby 132 sucks for me." I miss Kenny Mayne on SportsCenter.


Leonard Rattini ~ 9 years ago

I was in the US Navy many years ago during the Korean War period. There was a fellow electrician sailor named Arlie Mayne from KY. We were on a ship called the USS Jason (ARH1). From what I remember he had a brother, who I didn't know very well, who served during the same time period. The funny thing I remember about Arlie was his mailing address read "Bryant Store" KY, which was a nearby store where his family got their mail. Are you by chance related to him. I's sure liked to find him. Thanks, Len Rattini

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