Lauren Caitlin Upton, I support you

Posted August 29, 2007 by Adam Gautsch
  1. It was a stupid question anyways. I'm mean really who doesn't know where the US is on a map. They made up that stat to throw her and it worked.
  2. Who can take a question seriously that was asked by AC Slater.
  3. We all choke every once in a while.
  4. People in South Carolina need to stick together- the world is gunning for us.
  5. She seems to be handling this mistake pretty well.
  6. Even with that answer she still came in third runner up.
  7. "The Iraq" isn't that bad. Just last week somebody called Google "the Google" and said to myself, "self, I've got to start using 'the' in front of more words." So what's the big deal there?


Evan Tishuk ~ August 29, 2007

The question was actually asked by one of the judges. AC Slater was just the emcee. I give him credit for holding his laughter back to a mere smirk. I not sure I could have done that.

"Dorks...would implode with nervous energy if they even had to walk on stage at one of these pageants"

While that may be true, why would those dorks (myself included) want to participate in the Miss Teen USA circus? To accomplish what? A future as a showgirl at Trump Plaza? Recognition as a beautiful but utterly vapid showpiece for U.S. American superficiality? Which is evident in the fact that SHE STILL CAME IN FOURTH!

Jim ~ August 29, 2007

It was a really terrible question. We sat in the office the other day trying to figure out how we would answer the question ourselves if we were put on the spot. Other than realizing the need to put a stronger focus on geography in schools, we got nothing.

Mad ~ August 30, 2007

I say "the" in front of most nouns. It's just more fun that way. How is the Orange Coat. People used to notice... not so much anymore.

Sean ~ September 06, 2007

I'd reference statistics to amputees, the blind, and dyslexics.

Paivi ~ September 10, 2007

I'm torn. I thought it was BS that she'd blame ADHD and poor concentration. Come on. That's a total PR move. Own up to your f&*k up! The cool thing is at least she can make fun of herself. Anyone see the VMA's last night?!

jimmy ~ September 10, 2007

of all the things to stand up for, a beauty pageant contestant is not worth it. There are a lot of reasons that pageants aren't good for our young women but I think we all know them.

So I assume you are standing up for her on the basis of the South Carolina School system. One that you did not attend. First off, the school system is terrible and many statistics say that. That doesn't mean that SC doesn't have extremely smart people (just look at Evan's girlfriend). But I think any publicity for the education in SC is a good thing. Anything that makes people think a bit harder about investing more in their children's minds than in their children's pageant dresses is a good thing.

Evan Tishuk ~ September 10, 2007

"Anything that makes people think a bit harder about investing more in their children's minds than in their children's pageant dresses is a good thing" Great line.

Paivi ~ September 10, 2007

Um... not sure where I I stood up for her all that much OR talked about the school system. I'm not that deep. I was trying to point out how funny her cameo was at the MTV VMA's last night which we all know is far from an analysis of the SC school system. Yes I wasn't lucky enough to experience this system. I had to become well rounded by experiencing a school system in the south, the north, and another country.

Seriously, can anyone find the VMA's clip in the internet?? She actually says "like such as" in it!

Paivi ~ September 13, 2007

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