Let them take naps.

Posted February 02, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

I just can't not post this.

France's health minister may encourage napping at work. According to the AP, he "called for further studies and said he would promote on-the-job naps if they prove useful." Translated quote: "Why not a nap at work?" Rationale: Most French people say bad sleep at night has impaired their job performance. Critique: You want to know what impairs French job performance? Try their 35-hour work week and a gazillion weeks of guaranteed vacation. Napping is par for the course.


olivier blanchard ~ February 02, 2007

It's a natural next step in our evolution. It makes perfect sense that two hour lunches should be followed by two hour naps. It isn't just good science, it's good HR policy too.

I love my people sometimes.

Adam Gautsch ~ February 02, 2007

Of course, how can one forget the WTF video.

But I'm le tired.

Well take a nap and then fire the missiles.

olivier blanchard ~ February 02, 2007

LOL. That's pretty damn good. :D

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