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Posted 16 years ago by Adam Gautsch

We need to put together one page of interesting links. This page is going to be on display at InnoVenture next week. If you have some URL's that you'd like to suggest for reasons such as:

a.) The site would increase productivity (ie: Skype)
b.) The reader would enjoy it (ie: YouTube)
3.) The reader would learn from it (ie: Guy Kawasaki)

Drop a comment or send me an email. Bloggers- we'd be happy to give Hat Tip credit to any link of yours we use.



Jim ~ 16 years ago

Just added this jewel to my Toolbar. It's full of concise definitions for common business buzzwords and concepts. Topics span 10 business areas, including accounting, business law, econ, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, operations, statistics, and stategy.

Use it or lose it, buddy.

Carp ~ 16 years ago

I think this link would entertain the reader for a few minutes, unless they're from the UK, then they've probably seen it. If the quality is not up to par, you might be able to find some more clips under "Cog", the nickname for the ad.

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