Llamas who caddy and other oddities of the North Carolina Mountains

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Mountain climbers. Livestock guarders. Long-range spitters. And now llamas have a new distinguishing role to add to their resume: golf caddy. Yes, for $40 the llamas at Sherwood Forest Country Club will carry your bags, accompany you on a nine-hole run, and maybe even channel their peaceful temperament into quiet but unwavering moral support.

Seems reasonable to me.


Lord ~ 8 years ago

I think they could step this up a bit to create "Ultimate Hazard Llama Golf" What does "Ultimate Hazard Llama Golf" include? The following me thinks:

--Not just llama caddying, but also mandatory llama riding.
--20 hole course instead of traditional 18. Those two extra holes just add some necessary exhaustion to the whole hazardous experience.
--Booby traps like hidden pits and alligator filled ponds (note that the alligator filled ponds are already a hazardous part of many Southern golf courses)
--Sand traps/bunkers should be redesignated into two new things, those being 1) glass shard traps and 2)WWII gun bunkers.
--If you take too many strokes on a hole (say two over par) this dude, up in a high tower which overlooks the course, releases a flock of pterodactyls upon you (this would make it that you keep more careful track of your personal handicap).
--A minimum alcohol consumption of one six-pack of beer (any additional beer or other alcohol consumption gives you bonus star points which you can trade in for cool upgrades like hand grenades or llame wings)

Yup, that sounds like my kind of sport. Is it missing anything important. Maybe ninjas lurking in the tress and bushes?

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