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Posted March 13, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

atomike studio
I wish I had designed that one.


olivier blanchard ~ March 14, 2006

You'd have to learn French first. Then you'd have to move over there. After about a week, you'd have to book yourself a couple of trips in Uncle Bertrand's time machine and relive your youth as a French kid - writing and drawing with 4-color Bic (back when they were orange and white instead of blue and white) and fountain pens, eating brioches as an afternoon snack, and watching really cool TV commercials from which to draw your inspiration as an adult.

(Their tagline is from a popular national energy campaign from the seventies. The slogan was (translated): "France may not have any oil, but it has ideas." They've replaced ideas with 'pens'.

Clever kids anyway.

Evan Tishuk ~ March 14, 2006

Olivier, you forgot the part about wearing off-beat ill-coordinated shoes and basketball shorts that would be scandalous on Daisy Duke herself.

Anyway, I used to love those Bic pens back in, like, 5th - 6th grade. Few things were as satisfying as having that many inks available in one handy place. I think the ones we got in the USA were the rejects though, because (1) they'd run out of ink way too fast (2) they'd frequently jam up and (3) the spring mechanized buttons would break too easily. I'd be curious to see if the French versions were/are more robust.

olivier blanchard ~ March 15, 2006

They were. Mine usually lasted a full school year, despite some pretty unorthodox usage (from making kaleidoscopes and bottle rockets out of them to blow guns and mean-ass kazoos).

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