Long live O-CHA

Posted April 30, 2007 by Evan Tishuk

Orangecoat designed O-CHA's website, jeez, almost 2 years ago. They were one of our first customers to embrace the blog. They also jumped head first into MySpace and Facebook and now have a publicized grassroots effort to keep their doors open and their lights on:

“I’m very, very certain we would have closed if it hadn’t been for these guys and making those sites, bringing this to people’s attention,” Majaris says. “Because there’s only so much I can do to tell people, hey, we might close.” Majaris is still a little amazed by the outpouring of support, but even more impressive to her is the fact that the push really has been led by teenagers and social networking sites


Adam Gautsch ~ April 30, 2007

"And what about the O-CHA Four’s next cause?

“We’re going to fight terrorism,” Gibson says coyly. “I don’t think Osama could turn down the Key Lime with pearls."


Susan ~ May 01, 2007

While thrilled to hear that O-CHA is doing better, I'm devastated to learn that lavender bubble tea is no longer offered.

Freshly fallen tear

Mallie Majarais ~ May 10, 2007

The O-CHA employees, Mike and I would like to say thank you for all you've done to help keep us open since January. WOW...it’s amazing what a small dedicated community of bubble tea lovers can do! We have met so many wonderful people who have cared so much about our success or failure...however; we have been unsuccessful in finding a buyer or partner for this business and therefore are having to close our doors on May 31st. If by some chance you know anyone who would be interested in buying a cafe please have them contact me at mallie@ochateabar.com ASAP. We can no longer beg customers to come in and purchase teas to keep us open. We are sad to let this business go and are truly motivated to sell at a great price. Dig deep and think of anyone you could spread the word to. Thank you Greenville for (almost) 2 great years!!! Mallie Majarais

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