Make Do for 15 Days

Posted 6 years ago by Adam Gautsch

This is insane to me. Famous interneter Meg Hourihan is attempting to go a year without buying something new. Her only problem, less than a month in she already bought new stuff. And it was for backcountry skiing of all things!

As she explains it,

On one hand I’m kind of bummed I’ve “failed” already. On the other it’s hard to give up the ability to do something I love simply because I didn’t already own the stuff to do it.

That's the entire point of the experiment! If you're not sacrificing something you love because you don't have the stuff then you might as well just call the experiment the, "I already own everything I could ever need experiment."


Nobrainer ~ 6 years ago

Seems like old men have been doing this since the advent of old men. But without the cheating of course.

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